Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Still no sign of the impending cicada invasion, although what with the string of warmer days I expect they’ll be here soon enough.  It will be sad if the accompanying racket forces Ol’ Robbo to stop working out on his porch and hole up down in the basement.

On the other hand, I can report that the stinkbugs are congregating in number, much to the disgust of Mrs. R and the Gels.  I can also report that Raid ant and roach spray seems to have little or no effect on them.  I get that Life always finds a way, but what possible use for these nasty little crawlies Ma Nature can have remains a sweet mystery to me.  (Of course, I have the same question about the cicadas.)

In not altogether unrelated news, Virginny’s Kommissar announced yesterday that mask use in public buildings will become mandatory as of this Friday.  This after the swine was embarrassed by being photographed maskless at the beach the other day.   What did we ever do to deserve the likes of him?

I suggested at dinner last evening that if I ever do wear a mask out, I’m going to write on it, “If You Can Read This, Gov. Northam Is Asshoe“.