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Ol’ Robbo generally confines himself to two posts a weekend, gardening on Saturdays and God-stuff on Sundays, but I think this weekend merits a dividend:

Today is May the Fifth, Cinco de Mayo.  An obscure (to Americans, at least) date in the history of Mexico’s path to independence, now transmogrified by Big Alcohol into an excuse for blatant debauchery much on the level of New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day.

Yesterday, however, was May the Fourth.  An ordinary date now transmogrified by Big Hollywood via a horrible “Star Wars” clinch into something rapidly approaching a new secular holiday.

You may decide for yourselves which one Ol’ Robbo finds more repulsive.


Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Youngest Gel was successful in her tryouts this week for the JV softball team.  She essentially hadn’t picked up a glove since little league, but she did a camp earlier this year and found that she still has her skilz. I don’t see any good reason why she shouldn’t make varsity next year if she sticks to it.  Not a bad way to finish high school, I think.

Ol’ Robbo is going to enjoy going to the games and doing the whole “team parent” thing again.  Every time I drive past the gels’ old little league field, I always get a little wistful for the days when I was coaching them myself.

Truth be told, I’m also rather glad she got tired of swimming, as swim meets are deadly dull affairs if you’re not actually competing yourself.  (You sit for what seems like hours on end between heats that last just a few seconds.  And half the time you can’t even recognize your own kid because they’re all capped and goggled up.)

Play ball!




Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo hasn’t dipped much into politickal posting here of late, but once in a while things get so crazy that even I feel compelled to remark on them.  Quite the week, I think friends of the decanter will agree?

♦ Chelsea Clinton spouts off on the economic “benefits” of abortion.  Hey, Chelsea – You might not be interested in Moloch, but Moloch is always interested in you!

♦  Andrew Cuomo trashes America and then digs deeper by trying to deny the plain meaning of his own words. “Bitch set me up!”

♦  Three hundred-odd newspaper editors collude to trash the President because he accuses them of colluding to trash him.  ‘Kay.

♦  Big Tech has decided that it has a duty to protect us all from ungood wrong think.  This is a big reason why I never fooled with Twitter and don’t bother much with FacePlant anymore.  (I just hope that they don’t decide to come and take my little WordPress soapbox away from me, too.)

You can say whatever else you like about this Administration, but it has produced one very positive effect anyway: The masks are all coming off.

These people hate you.  They really hate you.


Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Our home Mac desktop, about four or five years old now, has been slowing down gradually for a while now. This past weekend it went positively glacial, and now I can’t even get it to boot up.

Must be those damned Russian hackers. Bastards are everywhere, man!

That, or Apple built in an obsolescence bug to force me to buy a new computer.

Anyhoo, don’t know what I will do. Posting may be light for a while, since I will have to send over my phone or else borrow one of the Gels’ laptops.

By the bye, I take back my last comment on the Sooper Bowl post. I’d had no idea the shrieking harpies of the totalitarian Left were trying to politicize the game because the head honchos of the Pats are pals with The Donald. Now I’m glad they won, and in such spectacular manner. Still not a fan for the reasons I gave, but heh.

patsYep, not much else to say.  Not that I really pay any attention to professional football anymore (I haven’t watched a single game this year), but Ol’ Robbo still heartily loathes the Pats and plans to watch the Sooper Bowl this evening primarily to see them lose.

UPDATE: Grrrrrrrr…….So close and yet so far.  Perhaps this is a message to me that I should not think in such terms.


Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This afternoon ol’ Robbo attended the annual “Father’s Day” pick nick and elementary class talent show at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method, his very last, in fact, given that teh youngest gel graduates next week.

All in all, the talent show was somewhat above average, considering the available, um, talent.  It was the usual array of piano recital pieces, tin-whistle Irish jigs and teeny-bopper choreography, leavened with a few odd-ball acts such as a demonstration of origami and a stand-up routine of Spoonerisms.

Indeed, it could have been a lot worse.

Nonetheless, I have to say this:  If I hear the song “Let It Go” too many more times, I feel I may well reach that point famously identified by H.L. Mencken at which I spit on my hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats.

See if I don’t.

Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

No, ol’ Robbo has not given up blogging for Lent this year, as it’s simply a much more limited part of my time these days and I don’t feel the need to curtail it.  Instead, my silence this week has been due to my having other matters to attend to.  My apologies.

♦   I hope those of you practicing had a happy Ash Wednesday.  Of course, “happy” is not really the appropriate term, is it?  Everyone says it automatically anyway.  For myself, I toddled round to the church near my office at lunchtime.  The place was packed to the rafters.  The Mass was conducted by the priest that I privately think of as Father Shecky, who couldn’t resist making a crack about how happy he was to see the usual weekday crowd.   Buh-DUMP-dah!   Perhaps I’m a bit of an old fuddy-dud (oh, shut up!) but it didn’t strike me that such a rimshot was particularly appropriate to the day, so I confined myself to a thin smile.

♦   Anyhoo,  I wore the ashes all afternoon, much to the obvious discomfort of a number of my progressivista colleagues, and made a point of being especially cheerful and courteous.  This year, more than any other I can recall, I was really filled with the spirit of silent witness.   I’m sure it bumped me up a couple places on the list of those to be sent to the camps, but I like to believe that perhaps I might have got at least somebody to think about things a little.

♦    Speaking of thinking about things a little, the Dalai Llama is speaking down the Cathedral today, which made dropping off the Middle Gel for choir practice a royal pain, what with police cordons and crowds of New Age types wandering about.   Personally, I’ve nothing against the Dalai Llama, nor against Buddhism for that matter, which from what I gather is not really a religion but more of a system of ethics.   What irks me is the sort of people who buy “Free Tibet” vanity license plates and fawn all over the Llama because he’s cute, nonthreatening and mystical, perfect for the type who likes to say, “I’m spiritual, just not religious.”

♦   And speaking of school runs, getting around the local streets these days makes me feel like Han Solo in the asteroid field, what with all the potholes.  Show of hands for all of those wishing Algore’s Globull Warminz would come back?  Yeah, me too.   I’ve also noticed a great many new cracks between moldings and walls in Port Swiller Manor, no doubt put there by the excessive cold we’ve experienced.  (The other possible explanation is that the house is getting ready to collapse on itself due to the collective pounding of the gels’ feet.  I don’t care to dwell on that possibility.)

♦   Speaking of the cold, despite the fact that the grounds of PSM are still covered in snow, I nonetheless feel that I must start spring gardening this weekend with the annual cutting back of the butterfly bushes known to regular friends of the decanter as Kong and the Konglings.    Perhaps I’ll have a go at the wisteria, too.  March is a schizophrenic month in these here parts and despite the fact that it’s only in the 30’s now, there’s no knowing when we might suddenly find ourselves up in the mid-70’s.   (Typing this entry reminds me that if I want to but any spring plantings online, I damn well better do it today if it’s not already too late.  UPDATE:  Found some Confederate Jasmine vines at a nursery down in Georgia that I’m going to try on a trellis fronting the new porch.  The innertoobs swear it’s hearty to Zone 7, which is us.  We shall see.)

♦   And finally, speaking of local things, I was flipping through the local fish-wrapper this morning when my eye fell on this editorial paragraph:

Ukraine is not the only place where civil war threatened to erupt last week.  In Fairfax County, Loudoun County and the City of Falls Church, there are battles raging between School Boards and the elected bodies (Boards of Supervisors and City Council) that hold ultimate responsibility for allocating taxpayer money.

Okay, ol’ Robbo is throwing a flag on that statement.  Unsportsmanlike conduct:  Unnecessarily hyperbolic metaphor.  Fifteen yard penalty and loss of down.

Well, that’s it for now.   Ol’ Robbo is off to scan the headlines before getting about his biznay.  What fresh hell awaits us today?

Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I’m told that the French have a proverb to the effect that a cat is always on the wrong side of a closed door.

There is much wisdom in this.

UPDATE:  Sorry about the randomness of the thought above, but I wanted to get it down this morning so as not to forget it.

You see, what I love about this proverb is that it so perfectly captures the feline temperament.  Unlike the expression “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,” which implies a certain greediness or grasping materialism, it recognizes that for a cat what’s on the other side of the barrier isn’t nearly so important as the fact of the barrier itself.

I’ve been reminded of this almost every morning for the past five months or so due to something of a grudge match that has developed between me and Bella, the eldest of our three cats.

You see, when we redid the mawster bawthroom at Port Swiller Manor last summah, we took out an interior wall and door that enclosed the shower and thunder box, separating them from the vanity and the closet.  As a result, the entire area is wide open and the only thing between it and Robbo’s bedroom is a set of French doors.

Well, without going into detail, ol’ Robbo is an absolute stickler for privacy when he is, ah, enthroned.   So when I get up in the morning, I am always very careful to close said French doors between Self and the still-slumbering Mrs. R.

Bella, because she is a cat, does not like this arrangement.  Previously, she couldn’t penetrate the old sanctum sanctorum because of the ordinary but solid door.  However,  over the past few months, she has discovered and perfected the technique of wedging her paw under the new French door and heaving it open.

Oh-kay, I thought for a while, I don’t mind her in here.  So once Bella was on my side of the border, I simply closed the doors again.

Ah.   Not so simple.  Bella doesn’t like this, either.  No sooner do I sit down again but she’s hurling her considerable weight against the same door to get back out.


Actually, I must confess that it isn’t just the existence of the barrier itself that motivates Bella, although I’m sure that is a substantial part of it.  No, her behavior is also part of her passive-aggressive strategic campaign to make me shuffle downstairs and feed her, which she knows on weekdays I won’t do until I am showered, shaved and dressed.

On weekends, when I don’t get up so early, she will actually sit on the bed and watch me.  As soon as she sees anything approaching Robbo swimming toward consciousness, she will come and place her considerable bulk on my stomach.  If I play possum, which I often attempt, she will sometimes go so far as to smack my face with her paw.  Any direct eye-contact, according to the rules of our little game, is instantly fatal to my pretense.


God damned cats.


Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Regular friends of the decanter will recall that ol’ Robbo received his legal edumacation back in the day at dear old Dubyanell.  Good times.  Good times.

In the past year or two, ol’ Robbo’s alma mater has instituted an innovative (indeed, I believe the first in the country) program, in the form of a third year practicum, by which it hopes to prepare its students not so much for the theoretical practice of law, as for the actual practice.

Personally, I think this is a very worthy idea.   I came out of school relatively well-trained in knowing how to think like a lawyer and schooled in some basic substantive precedent in various topics, but knowing damn-all about the business of lawyering.   Buh-lieve me, friends, there’s a world of difference, no matter where you go with your JD.  The goal of the practicum, so far as I understand it,  is to at least expose the third years to the chasm between the theoretical and the practical, and brace them for what they may expect once they leave the sheltered, ivy-covered walls of Academe.

Anyhoo, I bring all this up because tomorrow, through a singular combination of circumstances and my own desire to see this program succeed, I will be addressing a class of this year’s current crop of 3L’s on What I Do For A Living.

And I bring it up even more particularly because, as I was mulling over what I would say to these puppies, I realized that there is a 23 year gap between where they are now and where I was in my own third year of law school.

Great God Almighty, how did that happen?


Because no blood for oil.  Or something.


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