Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

The Port Swiller Manor porch thermometer hit 50 degrees this morning and Ol’ Robbo is loving it.

Of course, I forgot to turn on the heat last evening as I usually do at the beginning of the season. You’d think the wimminfolk here had been banished to Siberia by the volume of their complaints.

I noted just now a hummingbird at the feeder, so they evidently haven’t left yet. I expect that will happen pretty soon.

I guess the tempest we had the other day when the cool weather came in was stronger than I had realized because I had a considerable amount of timber to clean up out front. One good-sized maple branch managed to fall so that its base got stuck in a fork of the trunk while its ends fell on top of my holly hedge, thus hanging a Sword of Damocles about twelve feet over the sidewalk. I couldn’t cut it in the middle because I couldn’t reach it, but I finally got it down by cutting the ends back with a pole-trimmer then getting a nylon strap that’s been sitting in my garage untouched for about ten years around the thing and dragging it sideways off the top of the hedge. (The moral of this story is, of course, the importance of never, ever throwing anything away because you never know when you might need it.)

Speaking of which, now that it’s cooler, I don’t have any more excuses for putting off chopping up all those logs I have thanks to the big tree that came down this past summah, of which regular friends of the decanter will recall my posting here. I’ve got a wedge and a sledgehammer, but that inner voice which keeps whispering that I’m not a kid anymore is suggesting I just go see about renting a hydraulic splitter instead. Eh, we’ll see.

Well, I see where the temperature has now climbed up into the mid-60’s. Time to open all the windows and then go for a walk.