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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo learns that Youngest Gel is applying for a part-time job at the local bagel & deli shop near her campus. (Happy, happy time for me and my wallet!)***

The place, I gather, is something of a local landmark. Mrs. R was perusing their FAQ page last evening, which is generally a hoot, but drew my attention specifically to this one:

I’m going to be a first year at Miami next year. Can I have a job?

  • First of all, you are not a first year, you are a freshman and no, you cannot have a job. Generally we don’t hire freshman. If we do, it is not until second semester is about ½ way over. College is a big adjustment and if your grades are not up to your (or your parents) expectations the first thing to go is usually the job. We like our employees to stick with us until they graduate and this is one of our ways of ensuring that they do. (By the way, it is generally the partying and not the job that contributes to the not so great grades.)

As I say, heh.

Ol’ Robbo tends to get caught up in the endless headlines concerning the corruption, debauchery, and decay of our institutions, and to forget that there is still a good-natured, common-sensical spirit out there. It’s nice to come across these little reminders from time to time.

Hope she gets the job.

*** In fact, all three of the Gels have really become more money-conscious in recent years, even after having had rather comfy yoots. Middle Gel is actually holding down two part-time jobs this year, one on-campus and the other off, even on top of a whole host of other activities plus gearing up grad school applications. It is most gratifying to see that they finally understand the stuff doesn’t grow on trees. (And now I suddenly realize I’ve become the Old Gentleman: When we were high school kids, he presented us with inspirational posters featuring hoity-toity types leaning against Rolls-Royces and sipping bubbly. The caption read “Poverty Sucks”.)

UPDATE: She got the job. Base pay isn’t much but she can make bank on tips, especially on the late shift after all the bars shut down. Aaaand, if she sticks with it, the place is literally a block down the street from the studio apartment for which she’s already signed a lease for next year. (Most upperclassmen at the Gel’s school live off campus but you have to make your arrangements well in advance. She took care of this all by herself. How satisfying it is to see the fledglings leave the nest and start flapping about under the power of their own wings.)


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