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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

In keeping with the theme of turbulent weather from the post below, torrential rains in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor overnight coupled with early fallen leaves equaled a clogged field drain and water ponding into the garage, which in turn meant Ol’ Robbo’s basement study was flooded yet again.


We’ve been putting off having somebody come and sort this biznay out. It occurred to me whilst chewing on it again that in fact there’s really no good reason why I probably couldn’t do it myself, either in part or in whole. I can certainly tear out the drywall, try to spot the entry point(s), and slap some of Phil Swift’s Flex-Seal all over it. As far as putting it all back together, I’ve never hung new drywall myself, but I can’t imagine it’s all that complicated. (And, of course, DIY is always so much cheaper.)

I mean, I’m not missing something here, am I?

UPDATE: I put the idea to Mrs. R this evening. Her initial response was, “While you’re at it, can you also do……” followed by a laundry list of very tangentially-related tasks. Typical wifely gambit, but I’m plenty experienced enough to slip right past it.

When I steered her back to the original idea, she said, “Well, sure, why not? It’s already a mess. How much worse could you make it?” Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Ol’ Robbo’s carpentry skills, but she does have a point.

Demo (the fun part) will begin once the floor has dried out.


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