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No, Ol’ Robbo doesn’t usually put up two posts in one day, but I’ve no intention of doing any kind of 20th anniversary of 9/11 reflection tomorrow. (I’d probably just get myself arrested.)

So today you get a twofer.

Regular friends of the decanter will recall that I replaced the faucet in the downstairs loo during my recent vacation? Well, the one in the mawster bawthroom heard about that and decided it wanted to get in on the fun and games, too, and started leaking out one of its knobs.

Unlike the one in the loo which is one of those compact affairs with both knobs and faucet all on the same bar, this is one of those three separate piece jobs. Which means three times as much un-anchoring and re-anchoring hardware, together with twice as many lines to unhook and re-hook.

Also unlike the loo sink which is a pedestal, this one sits atop a cabinet. So while it’s somewhat easier to get at things, it’s a much more cramped working space. Lying on my back trying to work wrenches and screwdrivers around the doings by flashlight, I could feel the claustrophobia hovering just beyond my conscience. Pretending that I was working in a U-boat to while away the time probably didn’t help much.

Ol’ Robbo is not a very large guy at all, and it was something of a squash for me. How some of these larger fellahs manage to work in such spaces I really cannot imagine.

*** A perfect double-reference. On a whim, Ol’ Robbo recently purchased a collection of the old “Carry On” films, the old British comedy series. (Did you know that this was the largest movie franchise in British history and the second longest-running one behind the Bond collection?) Last evening I happened to watch “Don’t Lose Your Head”, which is their spoof of “The Scarlet Pimpernel”. So there you are.

I first came across the franchise via watching telly my post-college year in London. That was thirty-mumble years ago. My long-time recollection was that they’re amusing enough but a bit hit-or-miss. I’m finding now that this impression was correct. “Head” is one of the funnier ones. On the other hand, “Follow That Camel”, their take on “Beau Geste” which I watched the other evening, is just silly. Glad I got the collection, though, and will probably pick up Volume 2, as well.

Greetings, my fellow port swillers!


Ol’ Robbo is certainly pleased to see that “Norm’s restored”.

Just so. Just so.

(I may need a trough of beer and a snorkel myself.)***

*** Friends of the decanter younger than 45 years or so are excused from having to spot the reference. And may get off my lawn.


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