mrs krabappleDead at 70.

I always thought that Mrs. Krabappel, long-suffering teacher of Bart, was one of the funnier side characters on The Simpsons.  (I also always wondered how many younger viewers got the riff her name was of the teacher Mrs. Crabtree in the old Our Gang series.)

I also always new that she was voiced by an actress named Marcia Wallace.

What I didn’t realize until I googled up this article just now was that this was the same Marcia Wallace who played secretary Carol on the old Bob Newhart show that I watched in my misspent yoot and which is currently in reruns on one of the cable nets.

Now that I think about it, though, the same voice is immediately recognizable.


Very sad.

By the bye, we have a crab-apple tree behind the back fence of Port Swiller Manor.  For years now I have referred to it as the cr’bopple tree in tribute.