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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, the weather has finally broken in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor, with heavy rain and much cooler temperatures today.  It’s not quite cold enough to justify lighting a fire, but I might do so anyway just so that I can doze off in front of it.¹

This is, and always has been, ol’ Robbo’s very favorite kind of weather, which is why fall is ol’ Robbo’s very favorite season of the year.

For some reason, it’s always about this time of year that I get the urge to reread my Francis Parkman.  I don’t quite know why there’s such a strong gunnegshun between North American colonial history and autumn in my so-called braims, but it’s there nonetheless.   I believe it’s been two years since my last run through the cycle, so perhaps it’s time to give in to this urge again

Speaking of which,  before the current outbreak of right fall weather, we had a week or so of unusually hot and sultry days.  At one of the gels’ softball practices, I overheard another coach remark that it must have been Indian Summah.   Aside from the political incorrectness of the term, about which I don’t give a wet slap, I think the fellah was mistaken.  My understanding has always been that Indian Summah was any period of warmer weather after the first big cool-off of the fall (indeed, some say after the first frost), which we hadn’t then yet had.    Somewhere or other, I also got the understanding that this was a colonial expression and had to do with a heightened level of frontier raiding by the natives that occurred during such end of the season warm spells, although I have heard various other explanations as well.

Also, the leaves are just beginning to turn on the maples around here.  The Mothe reports that up ta Maine they had one of the loveliest foliage seasons in a long time this year.   The displays in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor have been pretty meh over recent years, so here’s hoping we get a good ‘un, too.  Just what set of circumstances causes the colors to come out so brightly some years and not others is another one of those autumnal phenomena  about which I have heard many different claims and explanations.  In this case, I don’t have a particular favorite theory.

Anyhoo, given that Shutdown Theatre continues to leave ol’ Robbo loitering around the house not doing much of anything, at least now I’ve got some seasonal things to think about…..


¹  I’m not kidding about that.  Over the past week I’ve found that every time I stretch out and try to read, I almost immediately doze off.


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