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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yep, your host finds himself still kicking his heels this Monday morning, waiting for Uncle to unlock the doors and switch the lights back on.  I hope things get resolved sooner than later.  Among other reasons, Mrs. R is starting to get that honey-do look in her eyes when she catches me lounging in the hammock.

So a few odds and ends to while away the time:

♦  Ol’ Robbo got into an almost-fender-bender this morning coming home from dropping off teh elder gels at school.   A doofus (with, naturally, Murr’land plates) stuck in the left lane behind a bus waiting to turn, decided to go around him to the right, cutting over just as I was coming up past him.  Fortunately, I spotted him just in time and was able to jam on my brakes and get over toward teh curb.  The result was that his front bumper just grazed my driver-side door.   I leaned out and inspected the contact, looked up and gave the guy a very poisonous look while mouthing “Thank you, ya jack-wagon”, and drove away.  Somebody told me that driving in Dee Cee results in an average of one accident every four years.  Perhaps this was mine for the foreseeable future.

♦  I am convinced that my wisteria are related to Tolkien’s Huorns.  They have reached out their tendrils and snagged the throttle control on my lawnmower so many times that it must be deliberate.  They also delight in tangling my weed-whacker.

♦   Speaking of the garden, every year about midsummer, I say to myself, “Self, you really need to dig up and divide the peonies this fall.”  And every year come fall, I say to myself, “Aw, the heck with it.  Maybe next year.”

♦   At least this year I have some plausible excuse.  What an odd October weather-wise it’s been in the environs of Port Swiller Manor.  After a very cool August and September, the temperatures this past week have been right up near 90.  It’s all changing today, however, as a front blows through, bringing heavy rain and more seasonal air.

♦   There is still a good deal of enmity between our elder cat and the two new kittehs.  In general, they all try to avoid each other, Bella spending most of her days in the basement and the younglings playing about upstairs.  When they do meet, they keep a weather eye on each other.  We are down to about one or two screeching dustups per day, which usually come when Bella stumbles across one of teh kittehs unexpectedly.

♦   I notice that I have not said anything about my beloved Nationals since their season ended.   The bad news, of course, is that we didn’t live up to the pre-season “World Series or Bust” hype (including my own hype) this year.  The good news is that, despite all the heartache, we did win only twelve fewer games this year than last.   We’ll get ’em next time.

♦    Speaking of such things, the eldest gel is playing in a senior girl’s softball league this fall and ol’ Robbo is acting again as one of the coaches.  The girls in this league range between 13 and 16, and some of the pitchers can deliver the ball very, very hard.  T’other day I got tagged to help our ace warm up.  Without any kind of padding or protection other than a strategically-placed knee, I found myself catching bullets.  It was quite unnerving.

♦   Oh, and today is the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, fought in 1571.   Make sure and sink one of the Sultan’s galleys today by way of commemoration.







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