Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I thought I would stir things up a bit here by doing a little Monday randomness, instead of saving it for Friday.  You know, because I’m such a wild and crazy guy.  (And yes, I know the timestamp says it’s already October 29, but the thing is set on Greenwich Mean Time and I’m too lazy and timid to go messing about with it.)

♦    Today was the first time this year that I got into my place of employment before dawn and didn’t leave until after sunset.  This pattern will continue for the next week or two until daylight savings time sets in.  Because I very often don’t leave my building during the day even for lunch, and therefore don’t see the sun directly, I have taken to calling this the Time of the Mole People.

♦     I forget why DST kicks in late this year except that it has something to do with politicks.  Which means it has virtually nothing to do with plain common sense.

♦     Speaking of politicks, during the course of a ramble about something or other last Sunday, the Rev at Robbo’s Former Episcopal Church let fall a comment about “inclusiveness” being one of the core values of the Founding Fathers.  A warm and fuzzy sentiment to many of the RFEC congregation, no doubt, but actually completely at odds with the actual spirit of the Founders, who were in fact devoted to the concept that gubmint (because this is all about gubmint manipulation of teh populace) should just leave people the hell alone to get on as they see fit.  My friends, this is an example of why a solid education and eternal vigilance are so very necessary.

♦   I haven’t declared a World Series favorite here yet.  Allow me to correct this:  I am going with the St. Louis Cardinals.   Et cur? you may ask, especially after the Cards did down Robbo’s beloved Nats in the playoffs last year?  Simple.  Bahston fans do not wear success very well.  Back in the day when the Sawx and the Pats were horrid, I admired the way in which their supporters stuck with them no matter how heavy the emotional and psychological toll.  But now that the teams have become such winners? Well, these same fans have turned into the most arrogant bunch of jerks on the continent.  Massholes, indeed.

♦  Having said that, I can’t say that I am watching teh games very closely.   I know that there is a school of thought that enjoys the champeen struggle for its own sake, but I’m not of it: If I don’t have a horse in the race, I’m not all that much interested.  Indeed, although I still know that the ‘Fins won the ’72 and ’73 Super Bowls because I was such a fan in those days, for the life of me I simply cannot remember who won it last year.   And I don’t think I could tell you any Series winners off the top of my head.   First time the Nats pull it off- that I’ll remember.  (I say nothing about pro basketball because I hold the sport in contempt.  As for hockey, there was none in the South Texas of my misspent yoot, so I never acquired an interest during my formative years.)

♦  And finally, t’other night I was watching Executive Decision.  This is one of those movies that, when I’m channel-surfing and stumble across it, I almost automatically settle back to watch.  (Okay, confess:  You lot have your own favorites and do the same.  Confess, I say.  Confess!)  Anyhoo, it was being shown as  part of the series on whatever that military network is that features Lou Diamond Phillips interviewing guests between sections of the film.  His guest here was Tom Ridge (first Sec of Homeland Security), and there was a lot of jawing about how we view this movie (which was made during the false peace of the mid-90’s) in the aftermath of 9/11 and the current Global War on Terror.    I mention this only because at one point, in a discussion of post-9/11 terror attacks, Ridge actually mentioned the Fort Hood massacre.   “Oh, my stars,” I thought.  “Didn’t Ridge get the memo?  The Fort Hood shooter was a troubled man with psychiatric issues, not a terrorist for the Religion of Peace.  And besides, gun control so shut up!”  Honestly, keep up guys!