charlie_brown1Alas, Team Robbo dropped its second game last evening, succumbing to what will probably turn out to be the division champeens.  We hung tough through four innings, but in an outburst of collective mental collapse, panicked ourselves into a critical fielding error in the 5th that blew the game open.

As Charlie Brown would say, “Raaaats!”

Oh, well.  Per ardua ad astris, or whatever it is.  Our next game is at noon tomorrow on what is forecast to be the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures near 90.  We’ll be playing the team that got absolutely crushed by the gels who beat us last night, so I’m hoping we’ll bounce back.

Meanwhile, I find myself in a logistical swamp, dealing with uniform distribution glitches, fundraising bumf, team picture organization and a host of other ministerial duties.  It’s a good thing they’re paying me the big money for this!