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charlie_brown2I am delighted to report that after a buggy and stifling morning shuffling around and waiting to take our team picture, Team Robbo came out swinging at our noon game today and positively crushed our opponents, 23-4.  (We are now 2-1 on the year.)

As it turns out, all of the teams in the league are named for MLB teams, a fact that I had not known.  Due to some kind of administrative oversight, our team didn’t receive their MLB-logo visors along with the rest of our uniforms.  Well, we got ’em this morning.  Turns out that we are the Indians, as in Cleveland.

I tell you truly, friends, there is nothing that brings a pack of ten and eleven year old gels together like teaching them all the war-whoop.   I can safely say that even if we don’t win our division this season, we will certainly get the prize for noisiest dugout.

Go Tribe!


The Entire Ground Floor of Duttenhofer’s Bookstore (2004)


Inventory I

Last evening I attended one of Mrs. R’s fundraising do’s down at the small art gallery in our local community center.  Most of the exhibitions at this place leave me cold, but this time around among the works displayed were eight or ten large pieces by a fellah named Franz Jantzen.  According to the brief bio given by the gallery ladies, Jantzen began as a straight-forward photographer, but when digital technology came along he started fiddling around with a technique he calls “assemblage”, which is the taking of hundreds of photos of a place or scene and putting them together in a collage, transposing camera angles and messing about with detail to produce what almost looks like photographic cubism.

The bottom pic gives you a much better idea of this effect than the top one, but I wanted to include the latter to give a sense of the scope of some of these pieces.  (You can go to his page at the Hemphill Gallery in Dee Cee here to see a few more examples.)  Once you start examining the details, the lovely crinkly bits as Slartibartfast would say, you become totally absorbed in them.  Or at least I did.

And for me, that’s saying quite a bit, given my general dislike of abstraction.


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