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Sorry for the lack of posting today.  We had a goodish bit of ice here overnight.  This morning I spent a couple hours hacking it off the driveway and sidewalk, came in and collapsed in my comfy chair next the fire, where I spent the bulk of the day drifting in and out of sleep.

Very pleasant.

Uh, oh.

Owing to an unguarded word to the effect that I would be happy to help out in an assistant coaching position, I was asked this evening by the league president if I would be willing to manage one of the Triple-A softball teams in the eldest gel’s league this spring.

Of course I said yes, only taking pains to add the caviat that I have never coached or managed a team of any sort in my life.   From the tone of the president’s acceptance of this information, I gathered that it was not much of a concern. 

Well, all I can say is that it ought to be.

Of course, I immediately started meditating on my prospective management technique.  My first instinct was to take this approach:

On second thoughts, though, I’ve noticed that I seem to be something of a favorite among the gel’s little friends.  Perhaps I can charm them into giving their requisite 110%.

We shall see.  As I remarked to Mrs. R, I can’t possibly make a worse pig’s breakfast of it than I did at serving on the vestry at RFEP.  (And as I didn’t remark to her, the  chances of my making some kind of positive impact in the world are far, far greater her.)

Of course, if I do wind up skippering a team, I will keep you posted.  If nothing else, the experience will make terrific blogging material.


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