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In the comments to the post below, Mrs. Peperium asks:

“What? Posting on the music you’d like to have? What? Could we be a tad leery about posting on theology again?”

Leery? Why would I be leery? I thought the last round of discussion was immensely informative and entertaining.

And it just so happens that I have another question rattling round inside my head:

If we accept that Jesus became fully human, would He have been subject to the full monty of human weaknesses and temptations?  Is there anything that any of us has felt sidling up and whispering in our ear that He didn’t also at one point experience?

And more specifically: Did Jesus ever have to restrain Himself from sneaking a peek at the local skirts?

If I recollect the beginning of Paradise Regained (a sadly inferior sequel to Paradise Lost), Milton has the demon crew sitting around trying to figure out how to tempt Jesus to his downfall.  One of them, Beelzebub I believe, says, “Hey, I know! Let’s get him some girls! Nobody can resist some really choice female company!”

In reply, Lucifer basically tells his lieutenant to sit down and shut up and leave the thinking to those who actually have brains.

Last evening I was fiddling about with my CD collection.  It’s been a loooong time since I made any major additions to it and I was musing about what I might like to pick up.  Here is a short list of possibilities:

1.  Georg Philip Telemann – Banquet Music.

2. George Frederic Handel – Trio Sonatas, Opus 5 (The Brook Street Band recording.  This is actually a replacement. I’m pretty sure I left my copy in the rental SUV in which I picked up the elder gels from camp last summer.)

3.  Charles Avison – 12 Concerti Grossi after Scarlatti (Avison had the bright idea of taking some of the jillions of short keyboard sonatas written by Domenico Scarlatti and putting them together in concerto form for strings.  The effect is quite nice.)

4.  Beethoven  – Opus 18 String Quartets (His first six, dedicated to Haydn.  No. 4 in C minor has always been a favorite in my family.)

5.  Franz Schubert – Piano Trios (I harsh on Schubert about his orchestral musick from time to time. Of course, his best work is on the chamber level.)

6.  Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 3 (the “Scottish”) (I suppose I ought to have all five of his symphonies, but this happens to be my favorite of the lot.)

7.  Antonin Dvorak – Piano Quintet Opus 81 (This piece gets a lot of air time on the local classical station and grows on me every time I hear it.)

8.  Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dances (Why not have some fun?)

Of course, there are many, many other possibilities.

My birthday is no great way off.  Perhaps I’ll indulge myself a little bit……

For some reason, WordPress periodically removes the categories widget from my side column. It’s most annoying.

Any other WordPressers out there have any ideas as to why this keeps happening?


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