Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Father let fall at our TLM today that it was likely he’d be required to start reading the Epistle and the Gospel in the vernacular in another three or four weeks. I suppose that’s for the benefit of those of us too mentally challenged to follow along with the translation from the Latin in the program or in our missals.


On another front, I’m sure most of you know that Joe Biden met with Pope Francis last week, and that after the meeting Biden said that Franky had told him he was a good Catholic and that he should go right on receiving Communion.

A friend, a long-time blogger who now spends her days taunting FacePlant into throwing her into time outs (some of you may know her), immediately hit the ceiling. The pass has been sold. The key to the citadel has been handed over. Francis has abandoned the Church’s plain teaching on the subject of fitness to receive the Host, particularly here in the context of high-level politicians who push extreme pro-abortion agendas.

For myself, I think the controlling phrase in that news item is probably “Biden said”. There’s no independent source and the Vatican, whose message control team has always played at the single-A farm level, isn’t commenting.

As much as I dislike Bergolio on multiple levels, even if he said something about Biden’s faith, I’m sure it would have been a good bit more complicated and probably attended by a good many circumstantial caveats and the like. And although I may be blindly innocent in this, I still have a hard time believing he’s so depraved as to encourage such blatant public contempt.

On the other hand, considering Joe’s credibility always brings me back to what Jeffrey Pelt said to Jack Ryan in “The Hunt for Red October”: “Listen, I’m a politician. That means I’m a cheat. And a liar. And when I’m not kissing babies, I’m stealing their lollypops.” Anybody who has paid even casual attention to Joe’s record over the years will easily rate that statement as “true”.

You may choose to decide how much credence to attach to all this. Me, I’m not going to lose sleep over it. In the end we’re all answerable for what we do and say, even if we think we’ve got away with it in this world. God, I’m told by a very reliable source, is not mocked. UPDATE: I should have added that as bad as Francis is, a brief glance at history will show that we’ve had far worse. Holy Mother Church will survive. That promise was made by an even more Reliable Source.

(Father’s homily for Christ the King Sunday, by the bye, was excellent – just the thing to remind one of where to put one’s priorities.)