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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Whelp, today is the day. Later this morning Ol’ Robbo will toddle round to his grocery pharmacy and get the damned shot.

I typed and deleted several thoughts about this but decided to just leave them un-pixeled. You may draw your own conclusions about what those thoughts might be.

Ol’ Robbo will be back later to report on how it went.

Captain Kirk Voice UPDATE: Peace….and tranquility, my friends! Joy…..and contentment! For it is the Will of Landru. And I am now of the Body.

**Places hand over heart and bows**

Well, not totally, yet. I went in planning on the Johnson & Johnson one-and-done and chancing the booster boogaloo, but they were all out. It took so much effort to ratchet myself up just to get there that I couldn’t simply walk away, so I’m doing the Pfizer instead. I go back around Halloween to finish up.

All joking aside, I feel horrible about all of this on so many different levels. But I don’t see what else I can do.

There are many terms and conditions of my employment that can be, shall we say, finessed. But the word has gone out, and I believe it, that they’re dead set this time: Get jabbed or get lost. And I heard recently that any attempt to get an exemption or accommodation, particularly on non-medical grounds, will be fought tooth and claw.

Maybe if it was just Ol’ Robbo himself, I might consider starting something. But I’ve a family to feed, too. When the mandate was announced, I knew this wasn’t the hill I could ask them to die on. So here we are..

I suppose I’ll spend the rest of the day feeling weird and off, and wondering if it’s the side-effect of the jab or just my stress over being strong-armed into going through with it. Bastards.

(Okay, I guess I gave you my thoughts after all!)


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