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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo was out for his customary lunchtime walk round the neighborhood today, my first venture out since getting the jab last Friday. (My arm still aches and I feel a little bit woozy, but the latter might be more rightly attributed to the fact that today is a Monday/Tuesday combo, and to all the ragweed pollen still in the air.)

Anyhoo, evidently this past weekend was a big time to put up Halloween displays. There seem to be a lot more such decorations out this year, both in terms of the number of houses tricked out and in the extent of such tricking. Perhaps it’s a backlash to everybody being confined to quarters last year. I don’t go in for this sort of thing myself. We put a couple pumpkins on the front steps to mark the fall season in general, and Mr. Jack Lantern puts in a one-night-only appearance on the 31st, but that’s it.

The other thing I noticed is after much talk back and forth (which has been cluttering up my home email for years), it would appear the newest speed-abatement measures are being put in on the main road through the neighborhood, a cut-over between two busy thoroughfares.

When, exactly, did speed-bumps become speed-humps? The latter always makes me think there’s material there for a slightly naughty joke.

At any rate, they’re putting in a third such bump (or hump, if you prefer) right smack dab in the middle to compliment the ones toward either end of the street. Not that it will do much good, I expect. If two aren’t sufficient, what difference will a third make? Plus, all the additional warning signs are nothing more than an eyesore. I suppose the new work is mostly to gratify the neighborhood sense that the County is doing something. Eh.


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