Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Whelp, Youngest Gel is O-fficially a college student now.

Granted we haven’t got her parked in a dorm just yet, but it made Ol’ Robbo’s morning to see her up early for a change getting ready for class.

Money quote:  “Aw, it’s going to be video! Now I have to make my bed, sit at my desk.”

She happened to be wearing a Hooters t-shirt at the moment.  (The Gel likes to cruise thrift stores and eBay to find odd, quirky tees.  It’s just one of her things.)  “I think I better change this, too,” she said.


UPDATE:  As friends of the decanter may recall, Ol’ Robbo recently mentioned getting saddled with a new kitteh he doesn’t especially want due to the issues it will cause with Decanter Cat and Decanter Dog.  Kitteh currently is living in Youngest’s room.  I still don’t especially want her, but I understand she is proving quite the ice-breaker in Youngest’s online video classes, as she has developed the habit of launching into the Gel’s lap as she sits at the computer.  I guess.

UPDATE DEUX:  I meant to mention what an enormous satisfaction it was to delete my county public skool email account recently.  Thank Heaven Youngest finished high school when she did because I hear the County’s attempt to deal with teaching through the WuFlu lockdown is turning out to be a complete pig’s breakfast.