Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Several alert friends of the decanter have sent Ol’ Robbo this article: U.S. Episcopal diocese votes to stop using masculine pronouns for God.

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 1, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The Episcopal church in the Diocese of Washington, D.C., passed a resolution last week to stop using masculine pronouns for God in future updates to its Book of Common Prayer. 

The resolution to stop using “gendered language for God” was passed quickly by delegates to the Diocese’s 123rd Convention.  

“If revision of the Book of Common Prayer is authorized, to utilize expansive language for God from the rich sources of feminine, masculine, and non-binary imagery for God found in Scripture and tradition and, when possible, to avoid the use of gendered pronouns for God,” the resolution stated. 

“Over the centuries our language and our understanding of God has continued to change and adapt,” the drafters of the resolution stated. The drafters said that referring to God using masculine pronouns is to “limit our understanding of God.” 

“By expanding our language for God, we will expand our image of God and the nature of God,” they stated.

More accurate version:  “By expanding our language for God, we will reshape ‘God’ in our own approved image.”

Well, bless their hearts.

Ol’ Robbo had occasion to come into contact with the Palie Diocese of Washington during the three years Middle Gel sang down to the National Cathedral.  Those people might best be summarized as Unitarian In All But Label.  They’re bug-nuts Progressivists, all of them, and it amazes me that they even bother to keep up the pretense of worshipping anything even remotely like the Christian God.

As a matter of fact, this “resolution” appears to be nothing more than a piece of posturing.  So far as I know, the BCP is the BCP, last revised in 1979.  At least on a formal basis, individual diocese do not have their own versions, nor do they have the authority to muck about with its language.

Informally, even Ol’ Robbo’s Former Episcopal Church started doing this sort of thing a few years ago.  So, for instance, where the text says, “It is right to give Him thanks and praise”, the smarmier of the inmates there (including the Clergypersons) will say “It is right to give God thanks and praise”.  On the rare occasion when I attend services with the Port Swiller family, I always make it a point to push back against this in a loudish voice.

Mark my words: Tinkering with pronouns is only the first step.  I simply don’t see how, if you accept this mentality, you can continue to refer to God as “the Father” as well, even though Jesus Himself did.  Stand by for the push to get this changed to “Creator” or “Being” or some other such drivel.

(And I’ll spare you my feeble efforts to explain them, but there are, in fact, multiple theological arguments that do, indeed, show parallels between the relationship of God to His Creation and traditional understandings of human sexuality – the key words being transcendence and immanence – that warrant paternal labeling.  These take absolutely nothing away from the feminine and non-binary  – whatever the hell that means – imagery also present in Scripture and tradition, because (get this) they’re not “imagery”, they’re Reality. Understanding all this requires reason, maturity, and sophistication, however, so it is utterly thrown away on these, ah, arrested adolescents, who of course are more concerned about their feelz than they are about Truth.)