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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Wonderful news was waiting for Ol’ Robbo on his return to Port Swiller Manor this evening as he learned that Middle Gel has just been accepted to Christopher Newport University for this coming fall, where she will start out in the school’s musick program, having successfully auditioned into that last weekend.

Bumpers all round and no heel taps, please!

CNU is a fast-rising school you’ve probably never heard of.  It’s in the Virginny state system, has about 5000 kids, and is located down in the Tidewater.  The President is an old Hampster-Squidny/Dubyunell alum who spent a lot of time in Republican politicks before coming to the place in 1996.  He was determined to import to it a lot of the traditions and character of HSC and W&L, and apparently has been quite successful.  And the place has suddenly got very popular – I’m told applications this year were up 600 over last year, and last year was a record-setter.  Since the school is as big as it wants to get, they’ve got quite a bit more selective about who they let in.

We really think this is going to be a great fit for the Gel.  The student body seems to be a lot like her: rather conservative with a strong religious presence, and at the same time quietly eccentric.  (The Gel was poking around on a list of accepted students and already spotted a girl she went to Bible-thumper camp with.)  Furthermore, the SJW goons do not appear to have hijacked the place at all, and there’s a pretty high expectation in terms of traditional academic requirements.  And the school goes out of its way to make sure nobody falls through the cracks, either academically or socially.

Oh, and who the heck is Christopher Newport? Well, he was an Elizabethan sea-captain, starting his career as a privateer against the Spanish.  He was also the commander of the fleet that brought the original Jamestown colonists to Virginny in 1609 and made several subsequent supply runs to the colony.  Thus, the CNU mascot is “The Captains”, which also explains the title of this post.  (Nothing to do with Walt Whitman, who gives me the willies.)

Ol’ Robbo is a Very Proud Dad this evening.

UPDATE:  Oh, a couple other points I wanted to make:

First, both Mrs. R and I are grateful for the genuine delight the Middle Gel’s sisters expressed when the news broke.  They tend to snipe at each other over petty things, but it’s nice to see them come together in unaffected good will over the larger ones.

Second, Ol’ Robbo knows perfectly well that CNU is not an “elite” school, and that a certain number of people – including people within my own circle – will look down their noses at this.  Well, you know what? I don’t care.  Indeed, I look on its non-elite status as a good thing in this current, wretched, culture.  After all, what is an “elite” education these days, anyway?  You drop a quarter-mil or more Jimmy O’ Goblins on four years of Cultural Marxist brainwashing.  (Youngest, in a moment of contemplation brought on, perhaps, by this news, said to me this evening that she was even thinking about The People’s Glorious Soviet of Middletown, my old stomping ground.  Never mind whether she could get in with her current GPA (she couldn’t), I just smiled and said I sure as hell wouldn’t pay for it.) Suff on that.



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