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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo may already have mentioned the unlikeliness of his bothering with the Winter Olympics this year.  From what I have read here and there already, it seems that I have chosen wisely, for the Games (or at least the media coverage thereof) apparently are being dominated by SJW snowflake-snits and virtue-signaling, and the teevee ads are just as bad.  (Did I really read correctly that one ad involves a boy who wants a doll being compared to a handicapped person learning to walk?)  Feh! I’ve better things to do with my time.  [Ed. – You mean like yelling at clouds via WordPress?  Quiet, you.]

I got thinking about what kind of coverage I’d arrange if I were King of the World.  First, I’d make it a subscription-based or pay-per-view service, and eliminate all commercials.  Second, I would run it on the C-SPAN principle: straight audio and visual feed of the events, including the local public address system;  simple block-letter intros identifying each event;  a scroll at the bottom of the screen giving results and perhaps medal counts; an occasional cut to the schedule of upcoming events.  That’s it.  No “analysis”, no “human interest” stories, no Bob Costas, none of that.

It would be good to be the King.

The other thing I’d do is move back to the old practice of holding the Summer and Winter games the same year.  Back in the days of Robbo’s misspent yoot, having to wait for every fourth year made the Games a Really Big Deal.  These two year cycles just seem to make it all somehow ordinary and everyday.

Yes, it would be really good to be the King.

UPDATE:  And now the sister of one of the most savage dictators on the planet suddenly becomes an SJW darling?


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