"Semper vigilo"

“Semper vigilo”

Whelp, here we go.  Regular friends of the decanter will recall that we adopted Daisy the English Cocker Spaniel earlier this summah.  She’s the first dog Mrs. Robbo ever dreamed of dealing with and the two of them have bonded famously, much to my delight.

When we took her in, Daisy had a bump on her chest that the vet dismissed at the time as a heat sore.  Yesterday, however, during her checkup, the same vet admitted that, yeah, it was a growth.

This afternoon we were told that the biopsy had come back and yes, it’s cancerous.

Daisy’s going back in to the vet tomorrow for blood work, etc., and we’ll get a consultation early in the week about Options.  I’m hoping and praying that this is just an isolated thing that can be clipped off.  If it’s already metastasized, there’s going to be a world of hurt.  I’m hardened enough to accept that these things happen with pets, but Mrs. R would be devastated and I doubt she’d ever get up the courage to have another dog in the house again.

Prayers would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Labs came back clean.  Looks like she’s gonna be fine after they clip the growth off tomorrow.  (Whether she has to wear the cone of shame remains to be seen.)