ceciliaGreetings (again), my fellow port swillers!  Although it’s been a tumultuous day or two here, I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Feast of St. Cecilia!

St. Cecilia is, for obscure reasons, the patron saint of musick, so I’m sure you can understand why she is very special to Ol’ Robbo.  Indeed, she is more or less an unofficial patron for me and I have a frieze of her by Botticelli perched atop my piano.  I’m little more than a sight-reading hack these days, and while I do very much enjoy making musick, I am also keenly aware of my shortcomings in that respect, and also of my tendency to employ rayther a lot of bad language when banging on the keys.  I look to her to aid me in fighting these shortcomings and making my efforts more pleasing to God.

A great task, I admit, but a worthy one.

St. Cecilia, ora pro nobis.