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I remember when the news about the imaging of the original Antikythera Mechanism came out.  Very mind-boggling.

Also mind-boggling that somebody apparently has the time and energy to put the replica together.

Still….I wonder if I could fadge up one of these from the middle daughter’s vast Lego collection?  (Speaking of mind-boggling, she was posivitely gob-smacked when I remarked the other day that when I was a kid we didn’t have all these fancy-shmancy custom kits, but had to rely on our own ingenuity to create what we wanted.  After we milked 100 cows every morning.  And walked four miles to school and back.  In the snow.  Barefoot.  Up hill.   Both ways.)

A glass of wine with Derb.

Ah, now that’s a seasonal tune I never, ever get tired of!


There is a “holiday market” set up outside the National Portrait Gallery in Dee Cee which, honestly, may be an annual tradition, although I’ve never noticed it before.  However, I’ve recently changed my walk from the metro and now pass by it every day.

As you can see, the market consists of rows of little, white, square, canvas pavilions, each topped with a red pennant.  (There must be sixty or seventy altogether.)

Perhaps the intent is to be both practical and seasonal, but to my addled mind, the effect is of a small expeditionary force that has wandered out of the Middle Ages and is laying siege to the Smithsonian.

Hey, it makes me smile.


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