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Which do you think is the worse treatment of popular holiday songs, medleys or orchestrations like “If Bach Had Written ‘Jingle Bells'”?

Personally, I think a pretty good case could be made either way.

On the one hand, I can spend this fine Saturday morning cleaning out the basement study ahead of the new flooring we’re putting in.

On the other, I can start drafting a raft of motions in limine.

The punchline, of course, is that there’s no real choice here, since I’m going to have to do both anyway.  

Perhaps I’ll just have another cup of coffee, listen to some more Satchmo and……..stall.

UPDATE:  Going with the basement thing.  I figured at least I would get some exercise.  But this is waaaay too much like moving, which I’ve always loathed, plus it’s making the cats nervous.

Time-lapse photos of a blossoming gel.

I never tire of this sort of thing.  Mrs. Robbo is an avid scrapbooker, devoting God-knows-how-many hours to documenting the lives of our trio of gels.  On the one hand, I think the biznay rayther silly.  On the other hand, flipping through the albums and watching the gels grow through their pages is not far off from this video.   And, as I’ve also noted, although the individual days can seem endless, the elapsed time seems to go by in the blink of an eye.

A glass of wine with Maetenloch over at Ace’s.

A conversation:

Eldest Gel: Dad! So my headmaster said that when you Catholics say the “Hail, Mary,” you’re asking her to help you draw closer to Jesus and not worshipping her as an idol.  Is that right?

Self: Um, yes, sweetie.  I tried to tell you that some time ago, but you just accused me of violating the First Comm……

E.G.:  Ooooooooh! Now I get it!  So “hailing” her isn’t the same thing as saying you worship her!  I see!

Self:  I’m very happy to hear you say so.

[Protracted discussion on whether Mary ever yelled at Jesus in his youth and, if so, whether this constituted a sin on her part.  And where was Joseph in all of this? I assured the gel that disciplining children, in and of itself, is no sin, although I had no information on whether Jesus was a difficult child.]

E.G.:  So, do you think I ought to say it [the “Hail, Mary”] with the rest of my class? You know, just out of respect?

Self: I think it would be a very good idea for you to say it.  Mary is the first of the Saints and Jesus’ mother, and as such holds a very important position.  Remember what we ask her: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.”  As a priest once remarked to me, why wouldn’t you want her on your side?

E.G.: Well, okay……

Self (sotto voce): Good….Gooooood……..


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