A week or two ago, the Mothe got a note out of the blue from a long-lost 1st cousin of my old father.   Apparently, she had been in charge of the “family archives” for many years, she doesn’t have any children and she had recently got thinking that it was time to hand the archives on to the next generation.

Well, I got a call today from this same woman, who I guess would be my first cousin, once removed.  (Apparently I met her once when I was about eight, but I have no recollection of it.)  It turns out that she lives less than an hour away from me.

It seems that my cousin is something of a genealogy fiend.  It also seems that she has a lot of historickal documents, including original letters, photos and what she believes is one of the very earliest Daguerreotypes, a portrait of my great, great, great grandfather, who I learn was a teacher and a staunch Abolitionist.  I mentioned that I knew something of my great, great grandfather’s service as an artillery officer in the Union army and she assured me she had plenty of Civil War era materials, too.  In fact, in her words she had the 19th Century -along with much of the 20th – completely locked down.  (Alas, no mention of IBM stock bought at a penny a share or anything along those lines.)

How seriously cool is that?

At any rate, the plan is for me to drive out some weekend and re-establish contact, at the same time relieving her of her historickal goodies.  (Note to Mothe: I will figure out a way to get copies of innerestink stuff distributed.  But I can’t help feeling a certain amount of glee that I’m getting my hooks into the originals.)

I chatted with my cousin for ten or fifteen minutes.  She seems quite pleasant, although I was a bit startled at how easily I could pick out certain family traits which seem to have come down from our common Scots Presbyterian forefathers.  In fact, she even made a passing reference to apples not falling far from the tree.

What she’s going to make of me when she realizes just how far I’ve managed to roll out of the shade, I don’t know, but it should be mighty interesting.