In getting ready to start 7th grade (yikes!), the eldest gel was assigned some summah reading off a list of selected authors and works.  Two of these in particular caught ol’ Robbo’s eye.

The first was Roald Dahl’s Going Solo.  Knowing absolutely nothing about Dahl apart from having read a few of his other books, my initial horrified thought was that this might be some kind of exploration of adolescent sexuality.  (Of course, upon reflecting that the gel is going off to parochial school, I realized that this was rayther unlikely.)   On doing a little follow-up research, I discovered that no, it really was about flying.  (I also discovered that Dahl was married to Patricia “I’m a Fightah” Neal, but that is beside the point.)  Anyhoo, it turns out the book is not just about flying, either, because damme if it doesn’t turn out that Dahl was a WWII fighter jock!   Cabbage crates coming over the briney, indeed!  When something like that drops into Robbo’s lap, do you think he’s going to let it get away without a struggle? No fear!

The other author to catch my eye was Jules Verne.  In fact, the book on the list is Around The World In Eighty Days.  In a moment of fuzzy-headedness, however, I accidentally bought the gel a copy of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea instead, a book I recall reading at about her age but of which I remember absolutely nothing.   Deciding to make an omlette out of these broken eggs, I intend to dip into it again.

I believe this is the very first time that a gel’s homework assignment has been a source of new reading ideas for ol’ Robbo.   Why do I feel it won’t be the last?