Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

First, let Ol’ Robbo offer a blessed All Souls Day to all you friends of the decanter.


Oh, you betcha. (This despite my feeling pretty hellish after getting jabbed yesterday.)

Ol’ Robbo has seen lots of moaning and groaning about ballot fraud, the insidious rigging of the system, and the hopelessness of expecting an actual honest election result.

Personally, I believe there are likely shenanigans being committed to one degree or another, but I don’t see where sitting on my hands and sulking is going to aid in beating all that.

At any rate, Eldest and I went over and cast our ballots this morning. Mrs. R voted early over the weekend. And I hope the Younger Gels got their absentee ballots in properly.

We shall see what happens.

UPDATE: Well, now. Ol’ Robbo thought something might be brewing when a very worried-looking campaign flunky showed up on the Port Swiller Manor doorstep late in the afternoon. Nobody ever hustles us since the old gentleman down the street died a few years back.

Before she could get going, I calmly assured her that yes, we’d all voted already, thank you, and good day.

“But what about…”

“I said good day!