Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo was chatting with one of his supervisors today about home life (our kids are around the same age) when she said perkily, “So, did your girls do the anti-gun walk outs yesterday?”

“No,” I replied, as flatly as I dared.  Just that, and then I moved on to some other topic.

My boss looked genuinely surprised, and I think was within an ace of asking, “Why not?” when she caught herself.  It was just as well, because Ol’ Robbo has a very firm rule about not discussing politicks down to the shop, and while I wouldn’t have got into the merits of the thing, I would have had to explain this rule, which would be just as awkward in its own way.

Of course, the actual answer is that, like their old father, the Gels believe these Koncerned Kidz protests to be ill-informed, misguided, and simply pawns being deliberately manipulated by the forces of authoritarianism that seek every opportunity to try and disarm law-abiding citizens instead of dealing with the actual root issues such as, in this case, the complete and utter failure of every level of society and government to deal with a homicidal maniac before the bullets started flying, plus its additional failure to deal with him once the shooting actually started.  That’s what the Kidz ought to be protesting.

Stupid Kidz.