Ol’ Robbo was looking forward eagerly to picking up his brand new trial set of disposable soft contacts today.  (I’ve been wearing hard, gas-permiables for over 35 years now and thought I’d try a change.)

Trouble was that once I got them in my eyes, although they felt mighty comfortable, I couldn’t see much of anything.

The optician who gave me the prescription last week was not my usual, but I had the latter today for testing them out.  He kept looking at her notes and muttering to himself as he flipped diagnostic lenses around, every now and then saying, “I’m just trying to get into her thought process here.”


Bottom line is that he wouldn’t let me leave with the lenses but instead is ordering up a different prescription which we’ll try next week when they get in.

I wonder if he’s going to say anything to her.  He certainly didn’t seem pleased with her work.