Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo has a gardening question for fellow friends of teh decanter.

As most of said FotD probably know, we are in the midst of adding a screened porch to teh backside of Port Swiller Manor.  Said porch is elevated a floor above ground level since the Manor is built on a hillside.   Therefore, I am faced with the problem of what to do with the half-dozen wooden columns that stick up out of teh turf supporting said porch.

And, for general reference, the front faces north-east and gets, at best, something about five or six hours of sun light in teh summah months.

One part of me said to cover teh space over with camilla or ligustrum.   But while this would cover up teh knock knees of teh porch, it also would effectively block out all the windows in the basement, thus rendering said basement into a bat cave.

Teh other part said to put some kind of climber or shrub on teh columns, allowing it to fill out in a way as to screen the area beneath without cutting it off completely.   Oh, and without teh deer glomming it back to its roots.   The three candidates that rattled into my mind were jasmine, honeysuckle and crepe myrtle.

Frankly, I would prefer vine to tree,  So there’s that.   I think I’d also prefer jasmine to honeysuckle, for no other reason than personal bias.

I guess my question is:  Has any friend of teh decanter dealt with such an issue?  Does anyone have something to say, good or bad, about any of my choices?  Or maybe can you suggest something else?

Inquiring Robbos want to know….