Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Good luck and God bless to those dealing with Hurricane Ian down in Flahrduh. (In the First World Problems category, I successfully persuaded Mrs. R to cancel her trip to a tennis retreat on the South Carolina coast today.)

All seriousness aside, Ol’ Robbo observed over teh past couple days that the usual suspects have been right in their happy place. The Weather Channel and its ilk have been swallowing their collective tongues, and the politicos have been spinning faster than the cyclone itself (mostly predicting that Florida was going to disappear beneath the waves thanks to that eeeeevil Gov. DarthSantis).

My favorite contribution, and I wished I’d kept it, was a piece Pravda on the Potomac’s Weather Gang put up on FacePlant a day or two ago. Did you know that Florida takes more hits from major hurricanes than any other state in the Union?

As Elaine Bennis would say, “Get OUT!!

Now why do you suppose this would be?

(**Ponders extensive tropical and subtropical coastline, prevailing winds and currents**)

Ooh! Ooh! Mister Ko-tter! I know! Glowbull enwarmening!!

Ol’ Robbo didn’t actually read the article, but “I’ll bet you credits to navy beans” that slant is in there.***

***If you can spot this quote, you ought to be ashamed of yourself because you’re a complete nerd.