Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Enough early leaves and acorns fell this week at Port Swiller Manor to warrant cleaning them off the driveway this morning. I also notice that some of the maples in our area are just starting to turn around the edges.

Ol’ Robbo can’t recall the last year we had a really vibrant foliage season in the yard. All the ones in recent memory seemed rayther dull and washed out, and also patchy. Must be glowbull enwarmening or sumpin’. I’ve a vague recollection that the intensity of the colors is some function of proper rainfall and quick temperature drop. Well, we’ve had a pretty wet summah here this year (not once have I had to drag the soaker hose out to the pachysandra bed by the road), so perhaps things will be different this time.

Either way, you can expect Ol’ Robbo to start his annual griping about picking the durn things up here in just another couple weeks.

I know it’s not really the time of year to do so, but I also pruned back the climbing tea-rose by the front door. It was getting overly-spindly, and the pests did rayther a number on its leaves this year. If I leave it in such condition, Middle Gel will inevitably start making snide remarks about do-it-yourself Halloween decorations.

No real fall planting this year. Sometimes Mrs. R likes to put mums in the half-whiskey barrels out front, but to tell you the truth, Ol’ Robbo has never much cared for them.

Finally, not exactly garden-related but speaking of the seasonal advance, the shortening of the days has brought to the fore another issue which I’ve been ignoring heretofore. Maybe a month or six weeks ago, the overhead lights in La Wrangler started staying on while I drive, and for something like half an hour after I turn off the engine. It didn’t bother me much when I was out and about during the day, but now that my commute is starting to take place in the dusk, it’s become highly annoying. I haven’t the faintest idea why this is happening all of a sudden, but at least I know a quick fix: Today I just removed the bulbs. That’ll learn ’em!