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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Whelp, as Ol’ Robbo types, it is still unclear whether the Artemis I launch is going to come off today. Honestly, I haven’t paid the slightest bit of attention to this project, and actually had to look it up this morning to even understand what it entails.

Funny, that. I’m old enough to remember the last two Apollo missions back in the early 70’s. (I’m told I actually watched Armstrong’s initial landing but don’t recall it.) Those were heady days and I still remember the excitement and optimism that surrounded them, and being glued to the teevee coverage.

And then it all just…..stopped. The life just seemed to go right out of the whole space program. Sure, the shuttle program revived things a bit when it came along, but after a while I realized the thing was nothing but a low Earth-orbit dump truck. Yay? And I suppose the various Mars landers are pretty cool, too, but I tell you that it just isn’t the same thing.

I suppose that part of what I felt back in the day was just the excitement of a little boy, but I’m sure that wasn’t the whole story. NASA was a flagship organization back then, a focus of hope and optimism and adventure. Now? To me it’s just another bloated gubmint bureaucracy. I get the distinct feeling that Artemis is a frantic claim to reaffirm relevancy, what with all the private space projects now gaining steam. Who knows, it could actually be a good thing – a little competition does wonders to focus the collective mind.

I guess we’ll see.

(As I hit the “post” button, still no word.)

UPDATE: Well, so much for that.


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