Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Although Ol’ Robbo generally shies away from what might be deemed broadly as public display, I will admit that the backside of La Wrangler is festooned with not a few bumper stickers. Call it a weakness.

Among these stickers, I loyally include “University Dad” stickers boosting the Gels’ various schools. I’ve had them so long as almost to forget about them, but it suddenly occurred to me over the weekend that I need to remove those of the Elder Gels’ undergrad alma maters, now that they’ve both graduated and gone on to establish themselves at the next level. (True, Eldest actually graduated two years ago, but I kept hers nonetheless since she has been in a sort of limbo since then.)

It was quite the surprising little shock, a further reminder that things have, indeed, moved on however much some small part of me regrets it.

In fact, I’ve got a “University Dad” sticker for the Elders’ new school, but I find myself hesitant to slap it on La Wrangler’s bumper. Somehow, grad school seems different, farther away, less of my biznay. Such boosterism now seems almost out of place. (Is there a protocol about this? My eldest niece is in law school – I should check with my brother about what he does.) Perhaps leaving the thing taped to the side of the refrigerator would be for the best.