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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo was chatting with Eldest Gel yesterday afternoon. She’d just got out of her class orientation meeting.

“Hooo-boy,” she said. “They’re all a pack of cultural Marxist loonies! English majors who want to ‘fight social injustice’! It’s like Twitter in the flesh!” (I thought that last bit very neatly put.)

I’d rayther hoped she might avoid that sort of thing at a big, midwestern school, but I suppose the rot is just about everywhere now. On the other hand, the Gel is of a temperament that makes Oliver Cromwell look like a debauched anarcho-syndicalist, so perhaps she’s exaggerating just a wee bit in her summation.

One of the subjects touched on was censorship. That one made Ol’ Robbo smile: “Read banned books” bumper-stickers and lapel pins have been around all my life, a stock cudgel to use against the Church Ladies. (Remember those lists of “Top 100 Banned Books” that came out every year? Does anybody still do that? Back when Cultural Conservatives still fought, they’d put out a counter-list usually containing books like Huckleberry Finn. Where does that one stand these days?) I happen to agree with the idea in general, but given the way social media platforms like Twooter and FacePlant are stomping on wrongthink right and left nowadays, you’d think this trope a bit outdated. Heck, when Ol’ Robbo set up his home office, I deliberately avoided doing so in my library lest some delicate flower spotted an objectionable title on my shelves during a Zoom call and started having conniptions. Of course the Will to Power has never actually been much concerned with principles or logical consistency. (The specific topic, by the bye, was eeeeevil moms who dare object to school boards seeking to sexualize their small children. Can’t have that!)

Fortunately, I’ve taught the Gel the sort of detachment necessary to get by these days. Trust God, keep a smile on your face, don’t give away anything, don’t bite when provoked, do good work. And keep your eyes open for those subtle signs that there might just be more on your side than you think. The chair is against the wall. John has a long mustache. The languorous Ewok craves Valu-Rite.


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