Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

(You may thank Ol’ Robbo for the earworm later.)

Even if I hadn’t read about the big storm making its way across the Mississippi and Ohio valleys, it was perfectly obvious to me as I pottered about the yard this morning that Something is on its way in. The sky is coming in full sail from the southwest, it’s absurdly warm for this time of year (I’m in shorts), and there is that indefinable feel of dropping air pressure that one can develop if one pays attention.

While we’re not supposed to catch it half as badly as others have, the thing may prove problematic. It’s supposed to hit us early this evening, which just so happens to be the first time Ol’ Robbo has been set to go out and be social in I don’t know how long. (A fundraiser for one of Mrs. R’s ladies’ groups. I said I’d go only if I didn’t have to wear a mask.) Also, after all the trouble I went to last weekend getting the basement ready for Middle Gel’s young man to stay in tomorrow night, there’s now a substantial risk that the place will get flooded again, meaning we’d have to put the boy someplace else. Grrr.

Well, we shall see what happens.

Tis The Season UPDATE: The bang that jerked Ol’ Robbo out of his meditations over Peej O’Rourke’s*** Republican Party Animal this afternoon turned out to be Mrs. R trying to pull into the garage having forgotten she had a Christmas tree lashed to the roof of her Honda Juggernaut. D’oh!

Said tree is now duly enstanded and draped with lights, ready to be decorated tomorrow by the Young Persons.

Turns out we were lucky even to get it. Mrs. R had swung by my church first, but they were all out. She went over to Meadow Farms and just managed to grab the last 7 to 8-footer. The fellah told her they were 400 trees short this year. And what cost 80 bucks last year is now a cool 125. The fellah blamed the scarcity and price increase on chain-of-supply issues and inflation.

Lima Golf Bravo!

(Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!)

***Yes, I know he’s gone completely off the deep end recently, but I still like to reread his old stuff.

UPDATE DEUX: Nowhere near enough rain to cause flooding and the basement remains dry as a bone. Also, Ol’ Robbo almost enjoyed himself at the party. So a good evening overall.