Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Eldest Gel picked up some kind of seasonal bug this weekend, which meant that she was banned today from reporting for duty at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method, but it also meant that Mrs. Robbo was banned from going in as well.

This infuriated Mrs. R, who feels perfectly well herself. Indeed, she almost never gets sick: Other than for scheduled procedures and such, I doubt if she’s taken more than five days of sick leave in her twenty-five years there.

On the other hand, Eldest did manage to give the bug to Ol’ Robbo, who is susceptible to such things. I’ve been in bed the past day or so binge-reading Charles Portis.


Speaking of school, Ol’ Robbo admits a certain amount of puzzlement over the fact that the Left seems to have dropped all subterfuge recently and come right out in the open in its war to stamp out any parental say in what the young persons are being “taught” in the public schools. First the poorly stage-managed attempt to get irate parents criminalized as domestic terrorists. Then Terry McAwful’s blurting out of the quiet part during the Virginia gubernatorial debate. Now full-on WaPo editorial action.

I mean, it’s been perfectly obvious for some time now to anyone actually paying attention that this was the goal, but I should think that an outright barefaced assault at this point would not bring the thing to fruition, but instead would be more likely to finally wake up the mushy middle to what is going on around them and cause them to push back. The wolves seem to be taking off their sheep costumes a wee bit prematurely.

So what is the sudden motivation? Arrogance? Idiocy? Panic? (I am willing, of course, to embrace the power of “and” here.)

Or is Ol’ Robbo just missing something? Have we really reached the point of civic decay where belief in the likely success of such a straight-up frontal assault on the family is warranted?

The world wonders.