Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A bit of good news yesterday, as it turns out that the heart murmur noticed during Decanter Dog’s checkup a couple weeks ago is nothing more than Anno Domini and doesn’t even require any medication. Mrs. Robbo had been worriting herself over the possibility that it might have been something worse, possibly even terminal, and my “keep calm and carry on” advice seemed of little comfort. I’m glad that’s all cleared up now.

Still, the thing is a reminder to me that when DD does shuffle off this mortal coil, it’s going to be a bad, bad day at Port Swiller Manor. DD is Mrs. R’s very first dog, and ever since we got her six (?) years ago, her baby. This has become even more the case now that the Gels are grown up and flying the nest. We’ve had seven cats together over the years and have lost five, some losses being harder than others, which I guess is some kind of preparation, but this will be many orders of magnitude worse.

Well, alas, that’s the problem of pets, and as far as Ol’ Robbo knows there’s absolutely no way round it.

In the meantime, however, although we don’t know exactly how old DD is in terms of years, physically I’d say she’s in early middle age and, aside from needing to shed a couple pounds, in overall good health. So hopefully we’ve got some time before we need to face all that.

UPDATE: On a cheerier note, and as long as I’m pet-blogging anyhow, I notice that Decanter Kitten’s tail, which thinned out noticeably over the summah, is thickening up again. (She’s a Maine coon.) I wonder if this will prove to be some kind of weather gauge like a woolly-bear, predictive of the harshness of the on-coming cold season. We’ll see. (She’s mad at me, by the bye, because I won’t leave the porch door open for her while the temperature is below about 55 degrees or so, thereby disrupting her habit of going in and out at will.)