Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Following up on a discussion of sammich meats downstream from here, I tossed a can of Spam into the cart when I went grocery shopping this past weekend.

As I mentioned in the comments to the previous post, Spam and Spaghettio’s seemed to be the go-to dinner of my misspent yoot when my parents were going out. Looking back, I assume the ‘rents figured (not unreasonably) that even the most handless of babysitters could serve these up without either poisoning my siblings and me, or else burning the house down.

The other thing I mentioned was the curious fact that while I recalled the fact of eating Spam, I had no memory of the taste of eating Spam. This made me a wee bit apprehensive to try it again after all these years: What if it was really revolting, after all?

Well, I just fried up some slices and clapped them into a sammich with some Kraft American Cheese-Type Processed Food Substance (which I thought fitting – or would Velveeta have been better?), and I can now report that the reason I don’t remember the taste….is that it really doesn’t taste like much of anything at all. Vaguely hammish, vaguely baconny (I cooked it pretty crispy), and a good deal saltier than I recall, but that’s pretty much it.

I suppose that it would make a reasonable sammich foundation if one had a lot of extra condiments to pile on top, but condiments are supposed to enhance the character of the underlying meat, not cover for a lack thereof.

I’ve enough left in the can for another Spammich tomorrow, but having satisfied my curiosity, I don’t feel compelled to buy any more.

Still, there you have it.

**Spot the reference.