Greetings, my fellow port swillers, and happy Autumnal Equinox!

Yes, as regular friends of the decanter have read ad nauseum here over the years, fall really is Ol’ Robbo’s favorite season.

On the one hand, I’m grateful for finally being released from the stagnant torpor of summah, which I truly despise. (Hopefully, this will translate into posts here actually worth reading. I feel like I’ve simply been drooling for the past few months.)

On the other, I just love the feel of the season: the sometimes turbulent weather and gradually dropping temperatures, the drawing in of the days, and the overall sight, sound, and smell of Ma Nature putting up the shutters and getting ready to settle in for the long sleep.

Of course, I love the exact opposite feel in spring, so it’s actually a fairly close call as to which one I like more in and of itself. Put in context, however, the tie goes to fall due to my above-noted detestation of summah. One can’t help remembering, even while in the midst of enjoying the delights of spring, to what it inevitably leads. Granted, fall also leads to winter, but I generally don’t get tired of winter until pretty late in the season, while I’m sick of summah after the first few days. So again, advantage autumn.

I fully recognize that this calculation is partly, maybe even mostly, based on my being located in the Mid-Atlantic region. As much as I remember enjoying winter in Connecticut when I was in school, I bet I’d like it a lot less nowadays and fall would be much more of a harbinger. Conversely, the shorter hot weather season might not be so bad.

And of course the math is completely meaningless with respect to the South Texas of my misspent yoot, where we more or less had ten and a half months of summah alternating with about six weeks of not quite summah. (Which is a large part of why I hate summah so much.)

Well, whatever. I’m just glad that fall is here again.

UPDATE: I mention turbulent weather. Well, we’ve had some of just that here today. It seems that Decanter Dog is now afraid not only of lightning and thunder, but of simple wind gusts as well.