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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Decanter Kitten has taken to insisting on crawling into Ol’ Robbo’s lap when he sits down to read or watch teevee in the evening, to the point that when she sees me finishing up with the dishes she starts meowing stridently for me to get to my chair. (She is easily the most intelligent – and communicative – cat I’ve ever known. She’s also the most skittery, with her head constantly on a swivel, ready to bolt at the slightest alarum. It amazes me, then, that she so loves me to scratch her jaw, throat, and tummy.)

All fine and good.

The problem is that when Mrs. R is not here, Decanter Dog, who usually spends the evening with her, needs a substitute mommy. That would be me.

Just as in physics, where two particles of matter cannot share the same point in time and space, so too, two pets cannot share Robbo’s lap at the same time. I don’t think the kitteh would mind, but DD wouldn’t stand for it. She generally ignores the cats altogether, but in this kind of situation she gets ugly.

Decanter Kitten, who is the natural loser, is mighty angry at me over the upset in routine. But I feel I have no choice but to favor the pooch, who has always been something of an emotional basket-case. (We sometimes joke that she’s our “special needs” dog.) Kitteh will just have to live with it until Mrs. R gets home.

Gratuitous Random UPDATE: Golly, (**looks at sitemeter**) folks don’t seem to care much for dog and cat posting!

Upon inspection around lunchtime, it turned out that the Port Swiller lawn isn’t going to make it till next weekend even though I mowed it just this past Monday. I’m cleaning the garage out tomorrow and knew instantly that I wouldn’t have the energy to do both jobs the same day, so………….

I had got about seven-eighths of it done before being chased indoors by a thunderstorm just now. (I’d hoped the thing was going to miss so I could finish up after it passed, but after 20 minutes of dry-eyed rumble-bumble, the skies have now opened up. Yup, we’re done here.) I’d watched it coming and told myself that I would give up when I could hear the sound of thunder over and above the noise of my engine. On reflection, I’m thinking that was maybe not the wisest decision. (There was a sudden strike close enough to make me jump.)

When I came in, I found a voicemail on my phone from the CDC asking me to participate in a vaccination survey (the covidz “and others”). Why, yes, Mr. Gubment Nosey Person! I’d love to tell you about my jab-status! And I totes believe your pinky-swear assurances of confidentiality and anonymity! Oh, hang on a sec…..I see flashing lights outside and somebody is suddenly banging on my door…………

Gratuitous Random UPDATE DEUX: Yarg! The Port Swiller Manor washing machine seems to have committed suicide this afternoon. I’m pretty sure it was the last surviving appliance already here when we moved in. I guess nearly 21 years isn’t a bad run. Now to go and start pricing replacements……Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.….


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