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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, my series of staycation project postings has certainly sent the ol’ statmeter spiking [Narrator: “It hasn’t”], so how about another one?

You would think that I’d be old and wise enough by now not to promise to do things late at night when I’m worn out, sleepy, and possibly not quite sober, but no.

When Ol’ Robbo said I’d help out Mrs. R with weeding her pachysandra patch last evening, I thought she meant “do it with her”. I found out this morning that she actually meant “do it for her”. (It really needs doing and she leaves tomorrow for an out-of-town weekend tennis tournament.)

Too late to back out now. I’ll just have to juggle the other items on my honey-do list to make it fit.

In fact, I’ve only my own productiveness round the house this week to blame. Mrs. R sees this and naturally takes advantage of it. (I’m not actually complaining, you understand. Truth is that overall she probably works a lot harder than I do. ‘Sides, Ol’ Robbo is old-fashioned enough to believe that grounds-keeper and maintenance guy are part of the husband job description.)

And speaking of such things, I just got done replacing the leaky faucet in the downstairs loo. A couple times I thought the thing had me beat and I was going to have to climb down and call a plumber. First, it took me about 45 minutes to work loose one of the anchoring nuts on the old faucet. I’m glad nobody was around, as I likely would have been quite rude to them. Then, it looked as if I was going to have to replace the whole drain, but after thinking it over I figured out a way to jury-rig the interface between the new plunger and the old stopper assembly.

I must say that I don’t much like plumbing jobs because they always leave me feeling paranoid about leaks. Wait, is that moisture fresh? Was it there before I tightened the nut? Did I over-tighten it? Did my moving the line around cause something else to weaken? Is the whole thing about to blow sky-high in true comic-strip geyser fashion? I also don’t like them because the things you need to get at are usually harder to reach than in any other kind of project. (At least in my experience. I’ve an idea those who work on cars might disagree.)

But nonetheless, Ol’ Robbo got ‘er done.

By the bye, I made my first trip to Home Despot this morning in something better than ten years. I instantly remembered why I dislike the place so much: aisle too cramped and overflowing for the big carts and wagons and a staff that doesn’t give a damn about anything. I only went because I wanted to eyeball the new faucet in person rather than guessing at its true dimensions on-line. Fortunately, I rarely have to do anything like that these days.

Tomorrow? Whacking back the forsythia. Also, you guessed it…….the pachysandra.


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