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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Despite the fact that the Port Swiller Manor grounds need attending to due to all the rain we’ve had recently, no garden posting today. You see, Youngest and Mrs. R left around 5 ack emma this morning headed for skool and I felt it behooved me to remain loitering within earshot of the phone rayther than go out laboring in the fields. Just in case they needed to call for…anything.

I’m pleased to report that nine hours and change later, they successfully arrived back at campus, Youngest having driven the entire way herself. This was better than three times her previous longest drive, when we went out to summah camp a few weeks ago, but I was so comforted by her obvious competency on that trip that I had very few qualms about her making it this time. (So few, in fact, that, as you can see, I slid out of going with her myself.)

They’ll get moved in this afternoon. Mrs. R will crash in the Gel’s dorm tonight (she has a single this year) and fly back tomorrow. Piece of cake.

(Youngest is already making noise about driving all the way home at Christmas all by herself. I’m not quite sure whether I’m ready for that one just yet. I simply narrowed my eyes and said, “We’ll see……”)

Meanwhile, Eldest is rejoicing today to regain sole possession of the Gels’ bathroom. Her recurrent accusation against Youngest all summah was that the latter “uses her stuff” and throws away inordinate amounts of TP. (The second charge, in fact, has considerable merit.) Youngest’s response to these accusations is to roll her eyes, shake her head, and say, “That girl is such a child.”

Birdies in their little nests……AGREE!! ****

Meanwhile, you may be asking, “Tom? What about Middle Gel?” Well, she stayed on campus all summah working a couple of jobs and sporting with her friends. I feel like I’ve seen her maybe forty-five minutes altogether over teh past few months. But it’s all to the good.

** Spot the quote'(hint, although you shouldn’t need it: Eagle-One is involved)

*** Spot the quote (hint: Said in a German accent)

UPDATE: Okay, not to leave you hanging, the first quote is from “Independence Day” and is the coded message sent to the President after Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith successfully upload the virus into the Mother Ship.

The second, and I grant that it’s pretty durn obscure, comes from the old Katzenjammer Kids comic strip. We had a book of the strip when I was a kid. It’s what Mama yells at Hans and Fritz when they get after each other. It was a great favorite of my own mother’s.

(Another family favorite from that strip, used during times of domestic blow up, was an episode where the family goes for a photographic portrait. After much mayhem getting everyone finally settled, the old-fashioned flash bar blows up, covering everyone with soot, In the last panel, der Captain (I think) turns to his neighbor and asks, “So vy did ve haff to look pleasant?)”


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