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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A lowering gray sky this morning while Ol’ Robbo was out mowing suggested that we might finally be in for some legitimate rain, but once again we seem to have won ten cents in the lottery.** I suppose it’s slightly better than nothing, but Ma Nature is now just taunting us, I think.

**Speaking of obscure Calvin & Hobbes references, what’s the deal with Berke Breathed recently introducing Hobbes (and a grown-up Calvin) into Bloom County? Does Bill Waterson know about this?

In other entertainment reflections, Ol’ Robbo has found that one Audie Murphy western is pretty much just like every other Audie Murphy western. The man wasn’t exactly endowed with range. I find myself liking them, nonetheless. They may be dull, but they’re restfully dull.

Not so restfully, I actually had a work colleague tell me this week of a nightmare in which xhe found zerself in a large room jammed with people….who weren’t wearing masks!! I couldn’t tell if this was industrial-grade virtue-signaling or genuine psychosis, so decided to embrace the power of “and”. Needless to say, I didn’t offer a response.

Speaking of which, Youngest’s skool just announced they’re going to require the kidz to mask up this fall. We’re still worried they’re going to wait till everyone is back on campus before announcing they’ll be doing virtual classrooms too. In that case, as I’ve said before, we’re outta there.

Well. Just to circle back to gardening since it’s Saturday, Ol’ Robbo’s inaugural tomater plant, which he thought was over and done for the year, is now sporting a new round of flowers. I made the mistake of leaving the earlier summah crop out on the porch railing to finish ripening, where they were all ruined by the bugglies. Perhaps I’ll now have another shot at actually, you know, using some.

And on that note, these dry days, Ol’ Robbo has had to do a lot of watering. The tomater sits up at the top of the porch stairs. On the landing below I have a pretty good size basil plant. It’s delightful how quickly they release their scent after I’ve got at them with the watering can. Sometimes I loiter around just to breathe in the combination.


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