Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I believe I have mentioned here before a droll little joke that has stuck with me since I read it somewhere in my misspent yoot:

He: I’ve got a code.

She: A secret code?

He: No, a code ib my nose.

Ol’ Robbo seems to have that code now. Still dragging from the weekend’s over-exertion, I woke up today with a thoroughly clogged head and streaming eyes.


Summah codes are the worst codes.

Unless…….Unless……..maybe it’s no cold at all but instead is the DELTA VARIANT!!


**sets hair on fire – runs away**

UPDATE: What a coincidence. I just got word that my sistah passed her Boards and is now o-fficially an RN. Between her and my brother the doctor, I’m pretty well covered in case I get the You-Know-What.

Funnily, while she is of the if-it-moves-jab-it school, he is much more inclined to share my skepticism.