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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, here we are again. After all the hullabaloo over Elsa, we wound up getting about fifteen minutes of rain out of it in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor. Humph.

To be fair, we were only promised the edge of the apocalypse, not the bullseye, but it was still mighty frustrating to watch the rain chance on my phone gradually decreasing over the day yesterday. (The app is back playing the same game today but I don’t believe it. As Carol Burnett’s bag-lady character once said, “I been hurt a lot.”)

My phone also lit up with a tornado warning for Middle Gel’s neck of the woods last evening, but I don’t see anything in the headlines this morning so I assume that fizzled out, too. One subtle little piece of inflationary rhetoric I notice is that more and more these reports use the term “tornadic activity” instead of “tornadoes”. I b’lieve that’s a deliberate little trick, as “tornadic activity” can mean anything up to “well, conditions kinda, sorta might be right for one of those things to cook off. So, RUN!!”

Well, hyperbole sells and fear keeps the sheep in line.

Speaking of which, Ol’ Robbo sees the rumors flying around that Big Brother’s going to start sending agents door-to-door to check up on whether people have got the jab. I saw such agents yesterday dubbed “JaCovid’s Witnesses” and laughed and laughed.

UPDATE: Wow, I must have been cranky when I wrote this because I actually allowed myself to type the word “app”. Ol’ Robbo hates that word probably worse than he hates the word “carbs”.

The correct form of “carb” is “carbohydrate”.

The correct form of “app” is “intrusive innerwebz thingy on my phone”.

Learn it. Live it.

UPDATE DUEX: Late afternoon and now it’s bucketing after all. I guess you just got to know the right people to complain to!


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