Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Whelp, Ol’ Robbo just spent about the last six hours or so cleaning the porch (and the back stairs) in the manner mentioned in the post below.

A hose, a mop, and a bucket of suds are never going to give the same deep cleaning as a power washer would, but at least I can say truthfully that I can no longer tell the area where the rug goes from the area where it doesn’t.

The screens turned out to be even dirtier than I realized. I’m happy about their markedly better appearance now, but I’m also a bit appalled at how cloudy they got without my noticing. And now the window screen beside which I’m sitting is saying, “Hey! What about the rest of us, huh?” I suppose that’s another job for sometime soon.

It never ends.

Nor has this job yet, for that matter. I’m just taking a break while waiting for the floor to finish drying so I can start moving things back. And of course all the little whatnots and doodads still need to be wiped off.

It really never ends.