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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I hope you all had a blessed Memorial Day.

Without at all questioning the substance of this one, Ol’ Robbo in general really dislikes Monday holidays. They inevitably throw me off and I spend the rest of the week floundering.

Also, Monday is “recycling” day around here. Our service is very coy about which holidays they pick up and which they do not. (Literally – their website simply says that they don’t pick up on some holidays but instead the day after. No actual, you know, listing of which ones.) And I can never remember which is which.

I followed my neighbor’s lead and bet that they’ll come around today. What is more, I doubled down this morning by putting out a big box stuffed with other flattened boxes and whatnot. I hope I’m right, as having to haul the box back in would constitute a Walk of Shame.

**Sad Trombone** UPDATE: Well, it appears that Ol’ Robbo chose…..poorly. So I did, indeed, wind up hauling everything back in again, accompanied (at least in my imagination) by howls of derisive laughter, Bruce, from neighbors, bystanders, and passing traffic.

And speaking of howls, that rotten stinker (in this case literally) Decanter Dog is doing exactly what I knew she would, namely rolling in the growing masses of dead and dying cicadas out under the trees. Not only that, she’s showing every sign of keenly enjoying it. What is it that possesses dogs to indulge in such a nasty habit?


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