Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Since Ol’ Robbo did what amounts to a gardening post already yesterday, I’ll take on another subject instead today.

It would appear that the formerly great Commonwealth of Virginny has decided in its wisdom to forbid the teaching of any advanced math in high school prior to 11th grade.

Yep, you read that correctly. For the Children. Of course, equality of results means lowest common denominator and the only efficient way to try to do that is not to lift up but to tear down. And even then, it doesn’t work.

Oddly enough, I recall my own high school experimenting back in ’79 with the elimination of advanced history classes in 9th grade. (Ah, the Carter Years!) It was a disaster. A handful of us, bored out of our skulls, took to heckling the teacher over his lefty politicks while the rest of the class just sat there in bewilderment or indifference. The experiment, if I recall correctly, only lasted the one year.

I can only thank Heaven that we got the Gels up and out before the present round of madness descended. And I can only pray, since a thing that cannot go on won’t, that this Brave New World goes ass over teakettle before they have to bring their own kids up in it. As far as education goes, if things continue on the present course they’ll have no real choice but to home-school, and even then it’ll have to be a guerilla-type operation, teaching their kids what they really need to know on the sly while also coaching them to spew out whatever pablum is demanded by their Betters. (In other words, that two plus two really equals four, even if the State demands that the answer is five. Or Tuesday. Or Muh Feelz.) In this, I do not envy them.